My Dearest

O you think you are so sly now don’t you my dear? You think by deleting the pics off this computer that I cannot send them to other men to enjoy? Foolish one you are Gabriel, yes you are smart but you think I am not as smart? You think you have seen all of my pics do you? You have not and cannot keep me from another man.

You have chosen not to be with me, yes your choice so I will do what I must to get my needs met my dearest. Sex isn’t everything and yes I miss it and would love to taste you but that isn’t happening now is it so I will taste another I guess. I have no desire to hurt you or see you hurt but playing your games with me on skype do get so tiresome dont you think?

I will give myself to someone eventually and it’s obviously not going to be you but heed this warning. The older you get the less desirable you will become to women and your body will grow soft as well. You may stay slim but you cannot hide the age around your eyes or the grey in your hair and you will lose your attractiveness all together in time.

Isn’t it nice to know that someone loves you even as you age? Isn’t it nice to know someone wants you for yourself and not your money? Isn’t it nice to know that when you are ready there is someone who will care for you when you are old and frail? Yes my dear, I would change your diaper, clean up your puke and give you your meds and yes those days will eventually come to all of us.

C and Me

“C” stopped by today and he looked as good as ever, hell he looked like an ice cream cone dieing to be licked lol. He has some pie and we talked and he told me how unhappy he had been and that things hadn’t worked out in his private life. He said he missed me and wanted to know if we could spend some time together.

I agreed of course and we ended up pulling back the quilt on my bed and cuddling. I love the feel of his body and I love when he holds me and his cologne smells so good I just wanted to eat him up. We talked and kissed and played around a bit but mostly we comforted each other. It’s not often you can have that type of relationship with someone but I am lucky enough to have that with him.

I slowly undressed for him and he immediately noticed my weight loss and told me I was looking good. It felt so good to have him touch my body and caress my breasts as I slid my hands over his chest and down to his groin. We basically dry fucked but that is as far as it went because I just couldn’t let him enter me.

The most I could do was kiss him and run my hands over his delicious ass and we ended up falling asleep in each others arms. It was so nice to wake up with him spooning behind me and it felt odd to wake up with his hardon on my back and yes I so wanted him but just couldn’t go there. I am seriously fucked up to want him but can’t do anything, damn I hate you Gabriel.