Can’t Do

I enjoyed my time with “C” but it just isn’t going to work and I know it. We just cannot be together and that is never going to change so Im keeping it a clothes on friendship and yes we will continue to talk but I cannot let things go further. The thing is when you see someone and stop seeing them you can never go back.

The problems that were there the first time around resurface and then the regret kicks in and the cycle repeats itself. I wish things were different but they arent and they will not change and I know that. It is just like being married, the problems are there and you can separate and get back together and think things will work out but they usually don’t.

I do not want to go back down the road we were on before and I like him I really do but I will not put myself through anymore crap with him. We had a nice talk about it and both agreed it is best if we remain friends with clothes on. It was actually nice to sit and talk about what went wrong and how it will happen again and both of us agreeing to stay friends.

That is how all of my relationships have ended or most anyway as we part as friends or at least friendly and that’s better than hating each other. I really do not like to argue and try to avoid it at all costs, its not that I do not like confrontation I just do not like to argue when two people can talk things out usually.

I try to handle things in a mature manner and it is rarely that I lose control of my emotions as far as anger and when I do it isn’t pretty at all so I keep that part of myself under control. Both my husband and myself rarely argued even though we didnt always get along we only had one or two real serious arguments and I am glad as we both had very bad tempers.

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