My C


Got to love “C” he is so fucking hot now isn’t he? I didn’t want to show his face because of privacy issues I have but he is very attractive from head to toe. We had a great day today and went skating as he loves to play hockey, Im no hockey player but I like to skate once in a while and it was fun, he makes me laugh and he is so sweet.

I love the way his muscles ripple down his chest and down his lower stomach and I love the way he feels and smells. Once cannot be without companionship for to long or we go bonkers or at least I do. You do not have to have the perfect body like “C” does but you do have to be a good person with a good heart.

I don’t even mind grey short hair and I do like the younger set as they are fun and I learn from them as they do from me. “C” and I have a unique relationship that most people never will experience and I so do enjoy it. It’s just to bad Gabriel won’t step up his game, ya you you stupid son of a bitch!!! O well, I have “C” back in my life and enjoying my time with him.

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