Nature Roars

I think it is so funny when a guy starts jacking off on webcam and yes he does this all for me, aren’t I the lucky one? I have no idea why men like to masturbate for women but they do and as a woman, I  do enjoy watching man because I think it’s erotic. I think being naked with someone should be a very erotic experience where both enjoy each other’s body.

I think it is just hot to explore a man’s body and understand what he enjoys  and move it up a notch. Men are very erotic animals as are women the problem is most women lose interest in sex and that ruins the relationship. I can’t wait until the night I am with that perfect person, the one I know is just for me.

I hate the loneliness but thank goodness I have a wonderful imagination and fantasy’s that are yummy as well. Im actively seeking out  a mate and havent had much luck bud am talking with one gentlemen that I plan on meeting. I am really attracted to his personality and pics dont mean much if there is passion there is passion, simple as that.


The experiences of my life are the threads that have made up the fabric of my life and I lie under that fabric as it is spread over me and makes me who I am. Life has never been easy for me in any way shape or form but it’s the toughest of times that have made me the person I am. I have never been inducted into any hall of fame, wore a special shirt that showed I was part of the elite or had and bronze statues erected in my honor.

This is how  some people are defined and when all is said and done, all the great moments that built that fame are past, no more special shirts and no more statues built in there honor, what is left to accomplish? How else do these people get their egos stroked? They age like the rest of us, their hair turns of grey and their skin becomes quite elastic just like the rest of us.

They have nothing to live for but days long gone by and they long for something deeper in their lives. I have none of this that defines me and I’m ok with that because at my age I have long since realized that life is about sharing it with another, doing for another and giving to others. I can’t afford cashmere even though I love it and I can’t afford diamonds and pearls either but Im ok without them as well.

All of us end up looking for the same thing as we age, someone to laugh with, someone to travel with, someone to spend time with and someone to grow old with. No matter how each and every one of us have lived our lives all of us end up wanting the same thing as we get older, someone to love and someone to love us back.