Once Upon A Time

There was this little boy that loved riding bare back in the fields of hims homeland. He was a chubby little boy who had three sisters that weren’t all that nice at times but he was still there little brother. He liked playing different sports and he took up soccer and as he grew he began to show signs of one of the greatest soccer players ever.

He practiced his craft and met his young wife, they dated for several years and then married and produced for boys. They went from a standard household to millionaire standing over night and that changed them completely. They married so young and didnt date others which is something they regretted later in their lives.

He became possessed by the roar of the crowd and all the doors that instantly had opened for him. He realized that there are many beautiful women in the world and this caused him to battle within himself the attraction to those women and the dedication to his wife. There will be no speculation of cheating because in that situation I do believe his wife tired of it in many ways.

He now sits in the stands and watches the occasion soccer match with such longing of days that were his, days that he was on the top of his game and he looks back with longing and fondness. He now invests his time over seeing his investments and getting the final hurrays out of his sport by  being added to the hall of fame.

Now that those days are all past what will he feel now? Will he feel sadness for missing the sport so much? Missing being in the limelight? I think not but he does like his attention none the less. Will he continue to dream about one woman who has grabbed his attention? Will he build up the confidence to finally meet this woman??


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