A Grin

I just love meeting someone who I totally click with, someone I can chat with and it doesn’t matter if it is a male or a female. You can be really attracted to someone’s personality regardless of sex because you are looking past the physical and into the person. I have met someone who I feel that way with and I am enjoying the hell out of him.

We chat all time through out the day and we have talked about so many different things and we have been there for a shoulder to cry on, he for I and I for him. I have enjoyed our conversations and I am looking forward to spending the day with him. He will work in the morning and come over and help move some furniture and help me put the sauna together.

If things go as comfortable as I think they will we will hang in the sauna and get drunk and smoke some weed, lol. Then I will make a nice dinner of beer battered shrimp and homemade chicken nuggets with baked potatoes. I will drink some wine and he will drink captains spiced rum and coke and we will have a great time together.

This is what the dr. has ordered and it is so badly needed both of us, sometimes you just have to let yourself cut loose and do what makes you happy for the moment, something that makes you feel good and something that makes you laugh. It’s going to be a fun and interesting day and I already feel a closeness with him, now isnt that great!!

The Shame

It’s a shame to see people with great talent doing stupid things that are negative in nature. The talented people of this world such as those involved in sports have an obligation to conduct themselves in a certain way and when they do not they bring on disgrace to the sport. There are only so many people given a great talent and to be a roll model is what is important.

There are still a few of the greats out there that are respectful of their families, the sport and their fans. When you are young you do some dumb things so you have to watch how you behave. You have the veterans looking at you with shame and disgust and then they comment on your behavior which looks bad on you.

The one thing I think is funny is the athletes that kept their reputations squeaky clean because we know these are bad boys that just didnt get caught or paid off the right people at the right time. Everyone makes errors in judgement but hey when the name is fame you gotta protect yourself now dont you????