Cleanse It

I have been so down about my weight and I only went to the gym twice this week and didn’t even break a sweat the last two times. I am so sick of the scale not moving for so long I kind of gave up this week but kicked myself in the ass last night and decided I have to kick myself into high gear once again.

I’ve started a master cleanse to flush my system and it isn’t bad at all even though you aren’t suppose to eat while doing a cleanse I am still eating veggies and proteins so I shouldn’t be gaining weight or maybe I have my thinking cap on upside down and inside out. The cleanse is nothing but water, fresh lemon juice, cayenne and maple syrup.

The funny thing is I never think this stuff works the way it is supposed to but let me tell you when they say don’t leave the house for an 1 1/2 then you best believe them! You drink 60 oz a day and your system definitely gets flushed! This is one way to get my metabolism working again and then I should hopefully get back on track.

Shelby is making fun of me as usual and she finished her first semester today! It’s nice to get that “first” anything out of the way because there is a silent stressor in all new firsts, the anticipation can be really something at times. Do you remember your first time? First time riding a horse? A bike? Another person? LMAO



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