It all starts out so innocently with no malice intended as we sit alone in front of our computers and we surf sites and a lot of the dating sites. We build profiles and try to connect with someone we are attracted to. We chat with that person but know there is no way we can be with them but we so enjoy our conversations.


We laugh, joke, tease. insult and put down each other and sometime we get seriously pissed but that doesnt last to long. We become so attracted to the person that we will lie to them to keep the contact going. After a time we realize this person is someone we never thought we would connect with. The funny thing is there is a connection, a very strong connection and I wonder if I would ever seriously want to meet the person or not, I wonder if my fantasy would be exposed and I wonder how badly I would hurt to be let down.

Then I think of all the wonderful things that could happen, we could actually really enjoy talking to each other and getting to know about each of us. It would be nice to feel that physical attraction as well as mental and it would be so nice to lie naked with my knee on his groin and my hand massaging his chest. Yes, fantasy all fantasy but what is life without such things? Without hopes, dreams and wishes??

A Picture Says

I have always enjoyed photography and taking natural setting photos of people, places and things. I like to look at something and imagine it framed on my wall and I like to photograph different things in different ways just to see what emotions are tickled. I was looking at some pics and as I looked at them I realized I like men wearing turtle necks, lol-yep just realized how hot a man can look in a turtle neck.

Not all men look good in turtle necks and some even look wimpy but if you have a nice chest and arms you are on your way. It takes a special type of man to wear turtle necks and the first thing is he has to ooze sex appeal, his eyes have to tell a story and the way he holds a wine glass sets the tone for quite a distinguished gentleman.

The picture below is one that caught my eye as I surfed  “gay men wearing turtle neck sweaters” because there are so many super hot gay men that just look so damn yummy. Not sure who this pic is of but one thing I do know this man is soaked in sex appeal as his stance makes apparent how sure of himself he is, the way he holds the wine glass says ” damn it feels good to chill just for a couple of minutes”. By the look in his eyes he is one of deep thinking and chaotic emotional issues which keep him from “having it all” as he is missing the largest part of what makes live happy for all of us, LOVE. He doesnt appear to be comfortable in his coat and his blue shirt is worn to conform to the people and situation he is involved with. He thinks of nothing else but walking naked on a deserted beach, no photographers, no microphones shoved in his face and he so wants to shove them up the newscasters ass at times. He just wants inner peace and he continues to try finding some peace of mind from being surrounded by beautiful things, possessions. He sees her in his mind, the woman for him, the absolutely only woman he really wants to be with but she seems to be too good to be true, how can any be the way this woman is? If he puts himself out there he is fearful of getting crushed and never let it be said that one of the greatest men on earth was destroyed by a woman, just like Samson and Deliah. This is what I see when I look at this picture, I see more than a face on a canvas but most people only see the picture as a whole and that is missing out on the true experience of art, you should always invoke emotion.images

Shades or Red

2013-12-13 18.28.16

2013-12-13 18.30.01I love color and I love shades of red that go into a deep burgundy, in fact I will admit here and now that burgundy and black are my two favorite colors. I love to wear colorful clothing and I like my lace and satins. I like to lay out my attire before I shower so all I have to do is slip into it, no fuss, no muss.

I bought a cute little satin number with a matching thong and boy shorts and yes the combination is hot. I sat on the edge of the bed putting on my thong and then panties and sliding on my mini dress night shirt so to speak. The feeling of the fabric was such a huge turn on I just had to lie back on the bed and slide my hand into my panties.

The satin that rubbed upon my body made me so horny I couldn’t take it any longer and I thought of him as I tickled my little but of pleasure and entered my body with several fingers working their magic. This is what he does to me and this is how I react every single time, falling into a fantasy that gives me such self gratification and makes life a bit more bearable.

The Selfie

It’s all the craze, taking pictures of yourself and posting them all over the net for everyone to see. All of us have a bit of an actor or actress inside of us and given the right set of circumstances we use this ability to suit our needs at the time. The cool thing about selfies is the fact that they are real time.

You see the person in a natural type of setting for the most part, snapchat is a cool app because you can send a pic and the person can view it for like ten seconds. It’s fun to let yourself be silly and involving your pets is something that I find to be cute as hell.2013-12-12 22.47.30 2013-12-12 22.47.36 2013-12-12 22.47.38 2013-12-12 22.48.20

Soooo Seeeeeexxxxxxxeeeeeee

You are either are or you aren’t and you cannot make yourself be it, it’s called SEXY!!!! Sexy is in the eyes, the movement of the body sexy just is and it is hot to see someone sexy. I have been told that I am sexy and I find that quite flattering because I like to express myself through my body language.

I realized today that my daughter is sexy, yes I finally had a good look at my little girl and she is all grown up. I see such a beautiful person when I look at her and the girl is just to fucking hot for her age. The picture below is when she went to the prom, she was in ninth grade and as I look at the picture I see a person that looks quite a bit like Marilyn Monroe. Yes I realize she is my daughter but she just has Marilyn’s poise and beauty.


The picture below is of my daughter attending her senior prom and she has grown into such a lovely young lady, so beautiful in heart as well as her beautiful features. I know mom bragging on her kid, hey I don’t get a chance to do it enough!!! Do we look alike??? I was twenty in that picture she is 18 in her picture.

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