It all starts out so innocently with no malice intended as we sit alone in front of our computers and we surf sites and a lot of the dating sites. We build profiles and try to connect with someone we are attracted to. We chat with that person but know there is no way we can be with them but we so enjoy our conversations.


We laugh, joke, tease. insult and put down each other and sometime we get seriously pissed but that doesnt last to long. We become so attracted to the person that we will lie to them to keep the contact going. After a time we realize this person is someone we never thought we would connect with. The funny thing is there is a connection, a very strong connection and I wonder if I would ever seriously want to meet the person or not, I wonder if my fantasy would be exposed and I wonder how badly I would hurt to be let down.

Then I think of all the wonderful things that could happen, we could actually really enjoy talking to each other and getting to know about each of us. It would be nice to feel that physical attraction as well as mental and it would be so nice to lie naked with my knee on his groin and my hand massaging his chest. Yes, fantasy all fantasy but what is life without such things? Without hopes, dreams and wishes??


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