Together To Space

Shelby lit the xmas tree up tonight and it reminded me of cold evenings with the fire place going and crawling into bed and snuggling. I remember when my husband and I first got together, we snuggled all the time but then as the days past we became well acquainted with the edge of the bed on our side.

How do relationships go from over abundance to nothing? How does the person we married change before our eyes and we change as well? I believe that is where life has a mind of it’s own, that’s when karma seems to kick in and when our soul mate finally enters our lives. There are so few people who meet their soulmate early in life but I  can say I am envious of what you have.

The only one that keeps us from our hopes, dreams and wishes is ourselves quite a bit of the time. We want someone or something so bad and they are just an arm length away but we are too afraid to reach further as we may fall off the cliff. Emotional pain can be so damaging that it keeps us from finding what we really need, what we really desire.



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