Getting Ready

Starting this week off getting pre op out-of-the-way for my surgery on the 27th. I have been living with a torn rotor cuff for about a year now and I am finally getting the surgery I have needed for so long.I have to take Ryan on the 23rd to get his wisdom teeth removed so this week is nothing but getting ready to spend the following week recovering.

I went to the dr. this morning and got my blood work, ekg and xrays which are all required before the surgery. I quit smoking a month ago and earlier this week I bought a pack of Marlboro, I smoked them but didn’t get any  more satisfaction out of them then I get out of the electronic cigarette.

I do Nicorette mints as well and they seem to really help, I gave up smoking and started doing some holiday drinking. I treat myself every xmas to a couple of fifths of baileys and I have coffee and baileys and it is so damn good! Ryan is going to be so surprised this xmas as I was able to turn a bad situation into something good.

Shelby totaled her car and I got more than I paid for it, this gave me the money needed to get all the bills paid off and I  bought a piece of shit for $1000.00 but it gets me where I need to go. I let Shelby drive my car because it is in really good condition and she is safe in it. I was also able to afford some nice presents for the kids and that means everything to me.



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