The Smile

I so enjoy seeing my children smile and laugh as well as all of my friends but my kids, well they are special to me as most kids are to their parents. My son is a big gamer he loves playing league of legends and he has met other kids at school that play as well and they are going to start up a club. I am so glad to see Ryan finally making friends and smiling and he feels so much better about himself.

Self esteem is so very important and so many people just do not have it and that keeps them from having the confidence they need to move forward in their lives. If you do not have self esteem you tend to be afraid of so many things and rejection is number one on the list. Without self esteem you are afraid to ask someone out or you are afraid to kiss someone for the first time and your fears keep you from being really happy.

My son has made some not so wise choices to get what he wants and the kid he used to hang with, the one that has no job, lives off his mother and doesn’t go to college, ya that loser hasn’t been around for a while and I am so glad. Ryan was being lead astray by this kid but now he has a friend that lives the next street over which is nice for both of them.

They have the same interests and are considered geeky which is fine because geeky equals smart in my book. My son is very intelligent and that is part of the problem with meeting kids his age. When you are more mature it is always hard to find someone who you click with and when you do meet someone you are like so fucking happy to have someone to relate to.



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