Bumps and Lumps

My body is built like hills and valleys, bumps and lumps when I am lieing on my side in bed and I become a human obstacle course for my pets. The boys as well as Khloe walk up and down my body as they try to get me to get up and fulfill their needs. It’s funny how Gabriel and Michael literally run from my feet to my shoulder and move the covers from my face.

They love to lick me to wake me up and they love to snuggle up against me in hopes of getting petted. I admit the boys make me laugh more often than not and they are funny to watch at anytime of the day or night. They run around the house trying to get traction on the wood floor as they go sliding around the corner.

They crack me up as they stand on two feet and battle each other making the oddest of noises. Khloe is recovering nicely from her declaw and Bingo just looks at her like she is some kind of crazy, lol. I don’t know what to get the boys for xmas but I  have already ordered something special for Khloe and Bingo and I have no doubt it will be a riot watching them play on xmas morning.

I wish I were one of my pets for a day so I could feel what they feel and experience a day behind their eyes, I think that would be so fun and interesting to see life from their view point. I wonder what their hopes and wishes could be? I wonder what it feels like to be showered with love and affection? I wonder if they get pissed at me?

I wonder what my pets would say to me if they could speak? I wonder why they must lie next to me and be touching me, I wonder if they love me as much as I love them? I know my pets know when I am sad or sick and they are always there trying to cheer me up. I could never live life without pets and those that do not have at least one pet make me wonder how they could be without the love that comes with pets.


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