I hate the cold and I really hate waking up alone and cold but that is how it is these days. I wake up and its so fucking cold and I lie in bed waiting for the heat to kick on and warm this mausoleum up. The boys are on the bed as usual and Khloe has jumped up to annoy the boys and I am doing what I usually do, grab one or both of them and cuddle with them.

I got up and went back to bed three times just to cuddle with the dogs, lol ya Im a hopeless cuddler. It’s so funny watching the boys especially Gabe because he is so tiny and he just has that look about him that makes you want to love on him. My boys keep me warm and laughing and that is what is so great about my pets.

I so wish I had someone special to cuddle with and to wake up to it just makes life so much more of everything if you know what I mean. I could very easily have my bed filled every night but that isn’t what I want, no one hit wonders for this gal. Nope, I will never be the type that jumps into bed for a fuck and never see the person again I just dont play that way.


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