The Long Walk

It’s so very hard to leave someone behind, someone who meant so much to your life and to your growth. It’s not easy leaving it all behind but sometimes we know if we do not we will never be happy. It’s hard to admit to ourselves that we have failed at the one thing we prided ourselves most in.

We look at our parents and the longevity of their marriage and we strive to have the same life as they did. We do not take into consideration that life has changed, people have changed and things come so much easier to those that can buy it. We paint the perfect picture of ourselves and our family and the world see us as an upstanding young person.

We then start to realize that we have missed out on so much in our lives and we find ourselves falling for someone online. We didnt mean for this to happen it just did and even I cannot ignore my soulmate seeking me out, even I cannot put it to chance that he found me online. I do not believe in random happenings and I do not believe people come into our lives for no reason.

We are meant to be together and we can pretend otherwise but both of us know the truth to matter how we try to fight it. I will continue to replace him in my life because I need to give and receive love and waiting for him I seem to wait in vain.


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