The Pull

Ryan got his wisdom teeth removed this morning and now he is in quite a bit of pain, his face is swelling up and he just took a pain pill. Shelby and I went to breakfast while he was getting the surgery and as usual I ate very little and brought the rest home for Ryan. He woofed down the pancakes and took his pain pill and went to bed.

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I do not know what it is with boys but my kid refuses to brush his teeth or shower regularly, he goes in spirts and it’s so weird. His hair is so long and he wont get it cut and it’s so damn greasy from not washing it. It’s so hard raising the opposite sex child because they really do need the same sex figure in their lives.

I will be having my surgery in a couple of days and this household is under repair as Khloe got her nails removed, Ryan is wisdom teeth and me my shoulder. Shelby will be taking care of all of us and aren’t we lucky, lol. I am watching the snow fall and it is so pretty and makes me long for your arms around me, your warmth, your smile.

It’s hard being alone on the holidays because there are so many memories that service and remind me of times I really enjoyed with my family. I hate being alone on the holidays and will be glad when they are over. Big Rick called me and asked if I was going to stop by tomorrow as they have a xmas party every year and every year I go and have a good time.

I think I will come home and maybe make a special xmas video for someone I care very much about, someone who I think of constantly and someone who will one day be with me, by my side, be my friend, lover, confident and soulmate. Yes, one day this will happen but he has to be the one to make it happen.