No Punishment

There are people who wonder why God appears to be punishing them but I do not look at God as a punisher. I look at God as a teacher and one that guides us and what we find to be bad moves on our part is a teacher in itself. I know God wants us all to be loved and to love and he wants us to find our soulmates.

God gives us choices and it is up to us to make the right choice for ourselves, sometimes we do and sometimes we do not. I know the only person I think of this Christmas is my “G”, yes I am thinking of you and I can feel your sadness, your inner loneliness and your confusion. You want to be with me so bad as I do you and yes we can be together if you would only let yourself.

I thought you were divorced but not so sure any longer, maybe you  are married but do not live together, I have no idea. I do not care what your marital status is and I know this goes against my grain but I have got to know what there is about you, why I am so drawn to you, why we have had a connection for so many years.

Please let yourself experience me, please spend a couple of hours with me so we can find out what it is that is so alluring. We are so drawn to each other and we cannot deny what we feel so let yourself feel my dear, for once let yourself feel……..

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