Shake Out The Cobwebs

We can fill our heads with dreams and fantasies and we can let ourselves get a mind full of cobwebs when we feel something for someone but the holidays is when the truth comes out, it’s when we are forced to face the reality that we mean nothing to the person that means everything to us. We know when they are fucking someone from Germany or Canada and we know that we really do not mean anything to them and we are nothing but a way for them to fill their boredom.

They do not care about you and never will and they will never meet you just play with your emotions so it’s time to cut them out of my life and enjoy the new gent I have met at a Christmas party I went to the other day. He’s such a sweet guy and he is really attractive to me and yes this is the first guy that has really really attracted me since my husband died.

It seems that I wasn’t able to find the perfect package but this new guy is pretty special in a unique way and we get on like peanut butter and jelly. He has the cutest little boy and he is so smart and funny, just my kind of guy and I do see myself climbing this tree o ya I see myself climbing this tree real soon, o my I am so bad! lmao

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