Cold and Wind

It’s so damn cold out and windy as the snow is blown around in little circles on the back porch. Shelby shoveled the drive and Ry shoveled the porch and walk and trying to get him to do shit isnt so easy. I will be filing for disability for Ryan when he turns eighteen and that will help him get through college and on his own.

I will like to sell the house by xmas of his senior year move into something much smaller and more manageable and I know I can do that but also I must do it to afford a roof over our heads. I hope I can sell the rv this spring and if I could dump those florida lots life would be so much easier all a way around.

Im still having quite a bit of pain and its hard to sleep but Im glad I got the surgery over with and I will b feeling better in a couple of weeks. It hurts to type and I can not lift or carry anything as of yet. I want to take a bath so bad but its not alloyed for fear of infection, I went through the same thing with knee surgery.

This is when its nice to have someone in your life to make it easier for you and just having someone makes all the difference in the world and makes healing so much easier.