Panty Panty Pink White or Black

I love lingerie and I think it is so damn sexy when a lady wears it because it brings out that dark, mysterious side lingerie invites us to explore a part of ourselves. I can lie on my bed in my lingerie and I run my hands over my body enjoying the feeling of my curves, lumps and bumps. I do not believe there is anything wrong with two adults enjoying mutual masturbation and I think the more the couple interact with their fantasies the healthier their life is as a 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

So many will laugh when they read this but the truth is I am very submissive in a relationship, being submissive is not being a door mat in any way shape or form and truth be known when you are submissive you are in control. When you are happy you want your partner to be as happy as you are and being submissive is the secret, let me be submissive baby.

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