I’ve been doing some very twisted things lately like letting a fart build up and letting it blow and scare the shit out of the dogs, lmao I know that is sick but it’s funny as hell as they sleep behind my knees and they trap themselves right below my ass. Im up half the night pissing and have another month before I can get into urologist.

Shoulder healing, cotch falling apart, wtf???? The dr. said I two big tears and I will feel so much better in a couple of months. I was lieing in bed this morning and out of the blue the most beaituifulest penis I had ever seen popped into my mind, I have had this penis come visit me in many of my fantasies because “he” has that beautiful penis.

He’s got a great body but there is so much more to this man he is so caring yet he is so misunderstood people see him as an easy target but he really isn’t at all he just is no fool