When is the last time you had that giddy feeling when it came to thinking about someone?Have you ever stood looking out the window thinking of that person as the sky clouded over and the rain began to fall and your fantasy led you into the rain to grab that person’s hand and bring them out of the rain and dry them off?

My fantasy has me taking you by the hand and leading you down the hallway to a room with a huge jacuzzi tub and king size bed. I open the door and lead you in and I close and lock the door behind us. I back you up against the door and begin to run my soft hands over your face and lips and I begin to slowly kiss your eye lids, cheeks and face as I work each button free and slide the shirt off your shoulders letting it flutter to the floor.

You are wearing a wonderfully heady cologne that arouses every one of my senses as I undo your belt and tell you how sexy you are, how erotic you are and how magical this night is going to be. I remove all of your clothes and tell you to scoot up on the bed as I begin to slowly undo my dress and let it slide to the floor leaving standing in my standing in my panties, stockings, garter and bra and I slowly move up from the end of the bed and onto your body.

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I rub my satin clad ass back and forth on your cock and you get harder and harder and I can feel the precum seeping from you and onto my panties. I am slithering all over your body and am enjoying you massaging my boobs and nipples and you slid my panties to the slide and slide your hardness back and forth on my clit and I am massaging the head of your cock and we are so aroused and you slip off my panties and I place myself in a scissor position rubbing back and forth on your cock as I kiss you deeply and cup your balls.

We place ourselves in different sexual positions and taste each others bodies and the excitement our bodies feel can no longer be ignored as we cum together over and over and we have withheld penetration instead giving into our physical and spiritual desires. We are experiencing each other as two people should and it leaves us wanting more and more. Just a touch, a kiss, a nipple between your lips, this is what I so wish for this is my soulmate, my hopes, dreams and wishes are all wrapped up in you my sweetheart.