Submissive Relationship Winning

There seems to be many power struggles in the world today and the last place that we need an overabundance is in our relationships at home. Men need to feel that they are the dominant role player in most relationships but a smart woman knows this and she is submissive which works out fantastic for both parties.

Being submissive sexually is very exciting for everyone and being open sexually is very rewarding for the couple as well. I believe every woman should have a stripper pole and a room full of sex toys and gadgets so she can always keep her man’s sexual desires satisfied and I believe a woman should take a man to new levels sexually.

It’s not about the orgasm but exploration of the body in different positions which bring the couple closer together. Its like when he straddles me on my side and touches me as he rubs his cock back and fourth between my legs and massages my boobs, we lick and suck on each others bodies enjoying each other immensely.