There is no greater pain of the heart than to think someone is cheating on you and they try to make you think you’re full of shit. The signs are all there, texts and calls returned eventually instead of immediately like they use to be. You no longer ramble on when together but you attempt to grab out into the silence to put a sentence together.

You no longer hold hands, cop a quick feel or steal a kiss and when you go to bed there is an unspoken silence that lies between the two of you like a thick blanket. But the worse betrayal comes in the form of a disease or bugs. I can remember that early 20’s betrayal when I discovered I had crabs and was so grossed out I was on the phone all night with my aunt until the stores opened.

Those where the days when cordless phones were futuristic and you had about a three foot phone cord that kept you attached to the wall. I went in the bathroom and shaved myself to get rid of the crabs as I yelled to my aunt on the phone how grossed out I was. I think what hurt the most is the fucker accused me of cheating to hide that he was.

The one good thing is we werent married because I would have to get serious and kick his ass. The relationship ended but of course we hooked up several years later for a few brief encounters but once someone cheats things are never the same now are they?

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