Relationship Rulers

People spend so much time impressing each other when they first meet, they try to be everything they think will keep the other person’s attention. They will spend hours texting and chatting, skyping and fucking but then things grow old and we become complacent and our relationship falls into routine.

They begin to assume the other person is happy and content and we quit doing the little things because we no longer feel appreciated. It’s the little things that keep us coming back and its so nice to know someone is always thinking about us and wanting to do those little things. Keeping sex alive and fresh is of utmost importance but intimacy is even more important.

There always has to be special time put aside for some crazy and silly times, letting go and being kids again, there has to be stolen kisses and ass pinching and there has to be laugher, lots and lots of laughter. If you can keep the laughter in your relationship you will always have a great sex life because you are open to experiencing new things or so it seems.

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