In The Morning

All of us have a morning routine and mine starts with Michael and Gabriel jumping on me and walking the length of my body and giving me wake up kisses. I have been woken up by Gabriel licking my exposed nipple and I was dreaming when he started doing it and I woke up to seeing the top of his head.

I felt so damn perverted and brushed him away and I was so embarrassed and covered my boob up. I try to get myself warm because I sweat so much and then get the chills. I do not know what is causing my body to act in such a way but I am thinking it’s a reaction to the constant pain I am in.

I get out of bed and slide on my pajama pants and robe and relocate myself from the bed to the couch with my pillows. I make my morning tea and toast and chill. The boys come up on the couch next to me and just love to get their loving and they make me smile so much. I dont leave the house unless I have to because I am afraid of falling and hurting myself .

Im hoping a couple more weeks and I am past the pain because I am absolutely miserable unless Im in the tub soaking. I havent worked out in two months and really want to get back into it but until I am healed I cannot. I have finally met a couple of gentlemen and have been chatting with them online and have told them I do not want to meet until I am healed.

This is working out well because we are getting to know each other slowly and I am liking that. Tom and I have so much in common and Im looking forward to meeting him. He’s very handsome and has his shit together but he doesn’t have kids and was married only for a short time so that is a lot of red flags going on there I am thinking.

So back to my morning, I sit and drink my tea looking out the window at the bitter cold and I can see the white give way to green even though spring is long off yet. I can see the robins and hear their babies chirping and I can see the crocuses peeking through the ground. I can actually see myself walking hand in hand with someone special, this is my morning why dont you join me?


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