Tu Me Manques

All of us need someone to complete us and when we are not with that person it is true we are not complete. We need to have that special one that understands us and disciplines us when need be. We need that person to show us the parts of life we have not experienced because they were not there to show it to us and we need them to make us better people.

The one that completes us may not be with us at this time but they are there waiting for the time to be right, they are waiting for the door to open for them and they are waiting to take our hand and lead us to a better way a better life. We know that person belongs in our life because we think of them constantly, dream of them, wonder about them and pray for them.

Some will try to deny what their heart won’t let them and they long to be with that special person. No one else will fill that void and no one ever will because we are meant to be with that one special person. Is it possible to love someone you have never met? Absolutely and it happens every day but so many are fearful of following their heart.

When you say that you love someone be sure that you really mean it because those words can make or break a soul very easily. You can hope, wish and pray for love to come your way but unless you are willing to open your heart up and let that person be your best friend first you will never find that happily ever after.