To Miss

I miss the feel of a man lieing next to me in bed and I miss the smell of a man on my pillow. I miss the playing in bed and the romance and I miss the laughing and joking and I miss the sweet kisses. I miss making love and it’s literally been years since I have experienced sex and really good sex well hell that has been decades.

I wish I were a guy and I could just jump into bed with someone but that just isn’t me and never will be. I do believe within the next year there will be someone in my life and we will be very happy. It’s hard being alone but the empty bed is the absolute worse thing there is or at least to me it is.

Being a very sexual woman I really need to have my needs met because I can’t stand self gratification and nothing more, I need more I need the feel of a man inside me, beside me, on top of me and behind me. I need to smell a man and run my hands over his body giving him ultimate pleasure.

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