This shoulder surgery has really been a bitch and painful beyond anything I expected. I havent slept one good night since the surgery and it’s so hard trying to get comfortable. The shoulder is like a breakfast cereal as it snaps, crackles and  pops which I assume is the cartilage. I’ve got the pillows piled up and I flip back and forth trying to get comfortable without any success and it so sux as I lie in bed rubbing the morning chill off of my naked ass.

I’m one of those people who practice the art of learning karate by throwing the blankets on then off again as I get hot and cold all night. I’ve got a pillow between my knees and my naked ass exposed to cool off my lower half as my legs get to hot when I sleep. I like to hold a cold feather pillow to my chest when my upper half gets to hot.

It just feels good to sleep naked and have the sheets on me, between my legs and over my breasts and then thrown off again to expose my entire body to the cool morning air. I get 0ut of bed will my path pre calculated as I run to the bathroom naked, sit on the cold seat and take my morning pee only to run back to bed like a wild woman and dive up under the covers for warmth.

This is the time of day that I start out quite frisky and playful and between the dogs and Khloe my bed is a pet paradise of sorts and its so funny playing with them as they are so silly. It’s funny watching the four legged kids chase each other around the house and poor Gabe is so small he tries to get up on the couch and misses more often than not as he just can’t jump that high, lol.

It feels so good to start the day with a laugh and if it can’t be with someone who shares your life then hell let it be our pets.

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