I have a restless soul and that is why I have done so many different things in my life, trying to find that perfect fit. I like photography and movies because I see past the picture or the film clip and I see the art put into producing such work and I kind of admire some film makers and photographers.

I like taking pictures but am no photographer and I guess my form art of is cooking great foods and baking. For years I have tried to find that one thing that gave me pleasure and it always comes back to cooking. I have made many a cake in my time and I have made desert tables for weddings but will tell you its a hell of a lot of work.

I still have people calling me to make cakes for them but I no longer do it because it’s to costly to bake from scratch and try to make a profit. You have to be in a very affluent neighborhood and a lot of advertising to make it. I no longer cook or bake for anyone but the kids and that is just fine with me.

It’s nice to have someone share your hobbies with its cool to learn new interests from others and I look forward to meeting that special one that can share my interests and I share his and we pick up some new hobbies together, that is what life is about now isn’t it?

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