To Giv

Birthdays are special no matter how old you are and you can say it wouldn’t bother you if no one remembered you on your day but we both know different. We secretly want to be acknowledged and presents are always secretly welcome as well and that includes anything homemade which is even nicer to get.

When someone takes the time to say happy birthday to us they are acknowledging us as a person and singling us out from the crowd. It’s a special day and as a kid my birthday was the second most exciting day of the year, next to Christmas of course. I so looked forward to my cake and ice cream and then opening presents was so exciting.

Remember when your birthday was that exciting? Just like a soccer player landing that winning goal, there’s that adrenaline rush as the crowd cheers for you and you alone. Remember looking around the stadium and being mesmerized by all of the fans that you had? Remember how you were so taken aback by such a display of affection by so many you do not know?

That’s how birthday’s used to be when I was a kid, my special day just for me, my special cake and dinner o- how everything was special just for me. As an adult I know longer enjoy opening gifts and there are several people who remember my birthday which is no big deal to me either that there are only a few. 

It’s just nice to know that there are those people who care and want to make our day special for us, yes it is nice to have someone want to take you to dinner or a movie and just chilax with you. It’s nice to have that one person you can do nothing with but just being with them fulfills you completely, yes it would  nice to share our birthday with that one special person.

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