Years Gone By

Today you are 45 years old and have you sat back and looked at your life? Have you given yourself kudos for accomplishments and skimmed over your failures? Do you know what you want to accomplish this year? Next year? The next five years? Do you long for a partner that will keep you excited mentally as well as physically?

Have you kicked yourself in the ass for not letting yourself be with the one person you really would like to be with? You need a lot of love babe, understanding, someone to make you laugh and pull you down from the clouds when you  get to heady. You need someone to share your day with someone who is interested in you and what you are doing.

If you had gotten enough nerve I could have made your birthday very special and filled with laughter but that was not to be. I would so love to hug and kiss you, tickle your fancy and get silly together, I would have loved walking on a secluded beach with you and sharing a simple picnic lunch but that was not to be.

Im not waiting for you love but if you ever would like to have a sit down you know how to contact me and yes you will contact me one day. You can keep fighting what you feel and living in your own self induced frustrated world but one day, yes one day you will come to me and get all the questions answered.


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