Your Fantasy

Do you have a fantasy that keeps playing over and over in your head? Do you get lost in the fantasy at the most inopportune time? Does your mind wander off into deep thought when you should be focusing on something else? Have you figured out why you are afraid to go after that lusciousness the mind shows you? What would you do if you met that person, what would you say?


Untitled copy

Did it occur to you that all the emotions you have finally come to the surface and you finally have a direction togo in instead of going in circles? What would you do if you had the chance to kiss this person, touch them, laugh

with them and get silly? Do you constantly think of touching that person, smelling their hair and feeling their bareness against yours? When will you step up and make it your reality?

Do you think that person will wait for you forever? Well, think again my friend because life doesnt work that way and the very person that has the power to fulfill your life will slip between your fingers and no, no amount of money can buy their affection. Be careful with what is before you before it is gone forever and you kick yourself over and over for not going after the love of your life, the true love of your life.

Lift It

The shoulder surgery has had me in so much pain for so long and yes it is getting better but so damn slowly. I have felt like shit since the surgery and I really hate feeling this way so I thought I would take some lingerie pics but ended up only taking several because of the pain. You have no idea how painful this type of surgery can be and how debilitating it makes you because we use our arms constantly.

IMG_4202 copy thong copy IMG_4207IMG_4223 IMG_4216 IMG_4217 IMG_4202 IMG_4204 I look like shit and feel like it as well and cannot wait for the night I can sleep all night without shooting pain waking me up. Well, thats all for now pain shooting, fuck!