To Age

So many people are afraid to age and some do not age gracefully while others are quite the opposite. So many people will color their hair and have Botox or face lifts which make them look funny in my opinion. I can usually tell when someone has plastic surgery or they dye their hair. I am one of the fortunate people as far as aging gracefully because I do not look my age or so I am told. I will never have plastic surgery and yes I do have highlights added to my hair, oh well.

I have noticed a few age spots on the back of my hands but as far as wrinkles I really do not have any. I am very attracted to men with a touch of grey as I find it makes them look distinguished and very attractive to me and I find it a real turn on when an attractive man has those grey highlights coming in. So many people fear aging and it seems as if so many men try to recapture their youth by dating much younger women because they think they will feel young again.

The truth is a much younger woman has a laundry list of what they want while the older woman has gotten herself in a very comfortable place in life in the main. Older women have had their kids and are wanting to get back into a relationship with a man she can care for and share her life with. Older women dont play as many games or any games at all because they are happy within themselves and are able to make the man in their life feel like he is on top of the world.

So hon, when do you want to be exalted to ultimate happiness?


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