The Big H

When I was much much younger I dabbled in drugs, hell let me be honest I did more than dabble as I got myself in quite deep with cocaine. It was clean back then and the high was fantastic as it made me forget all of the pain I was carrying around.

I see so many actors dieing from an overdose of heroin and it is truly a sad way to die. Today’s drugs are laced with comet and other crap but back in my day cocaine was cut with vitamin b or some other substance. I have an addictive personality but when I want to stop doing something I just stop.

The worse thing to happen to me was a cocaine dealer moving into my apartment  building and the guy fell in love with me. He always fronted or just gave me as much coke as I wanted. He was so addicted himself he wouldn’t shower for days and sometimes weeks.

He constantly blew his nose and always sounded so nasal but he just kept packing it up his nose. I never ran up and never would as I hate needles. I did miss work because of my addiction and I would be so high that I wouldn’t attend functions I was to be at.

I have no desire to do drugs any longer and Im very lucky to have two kids that don’t dabble in the hard drugs. My kids have never drank or done hard drugs and yes my son has dabbled in some drugs but at least he isn’t addicted. Once the drug grabs a hold of you its damn hard to stop.

What is really sad is such talented people are dieing because they have their own demons chasing them and all of their money hasn’t made them happy at all. They leave behind their family and their children are left without that parent. It’s a shame the world is the way it is and even the wealthy cannot find inner peace without the use of drugs.


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