Nascar season is getting ready to kick off and Daytona is always exciting to watch as the drivers show off their skills and some pick a driver to be their favorite for the season while others stay with their long ago chosen favorite driver. I like Nascar and used to watch it with my husband and we went to several races at MIS and I really enjoyed myself. My husband was a huge Nascar fan and he bought so much nascar crap we actually had a room filled with memorabilia.

I have a lot of fb friends that are into nascar and it’s so funny how people label, like and hate a driver. My husband always wanted to go to Daytona and I tried to get tickets for Daytona for him but I was never able to get them. As the years went by even Nascar no longer held my husband’s attention as he would turn on the race and go to sleep. I never was into racing when I was single but Bob was really into so I ended up getting hooked on it.

I no longer watch the races as much as I did because it reminds me of my husband but I can watch it without getting upset. When you are no longer with your mate sometimes things the two of you did together is now just you doing it alone and that brings on melancholy. Times likes these do pass and eventually you once again can enjoy the things that once gave you enjoyment. It’s hard getting past memories but eventually you no longer look back  but forward instead.



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