To Miss

When you finally get used to being alone you begin go thru different stages of change. You go thru the adjustment period of eating alone, sleeping alone, going to events alone and just being alone and you enjoy your solitude for quite some time.  Then you hit the stage of wanting to date again, have sex again and enjoy the company of the opposite sex once again and then you date and the person you are dating wants to get serious.

When you are alone after a death or divorce you do not usually stay with the first person you date because you are searching for that one person that fulfills you and it usually takes dating several people before you do find that one. You finally reach the stage that you want to build a relationship again with just one person because you want to share your future with someone who makes you feel special.You meet that special person that makes you feel giddy inside and you are constantly thinking about spending time with that person.

Once again the bedroom is exciting, sharing a meal is more interesting and doing things together is fun and life is filled with laughter once again. I have yet to meet the one that makes me feel giddy and excited about life but that is ok because I know he is out there. My soulmate will enter my life at the right time but I must admit it is so damn hard waiting for him to appear. The meeting of two soul mates is destiny and one cannot fight what is already written.


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