Remember When

You lived on farm and played in the field? Remember when you helped plant a garden and feed the stock? Remember when you road the grassy knoll bareback? Remember when you skinny dipped sheepishly? Remember when you were free, totally free as a child? Remember when a sunny day was all you looked forward to? Remember a simpler time, a simpler life, a life you miss? Remember when you felt overwhelmed by love?

How often do you look back at your life and how far you have come and what you have accomplished? How many times have you asked yourself “why me” ? Why was I chosen to leave such a mark on the word? Why was I the chosen one? I bet you have asked yourself that question many a time and I bet you thank God often for were you are today. I also bet you are one lonely person who so wants to fill his heart with love once again.

I bet you want to move forward into the arms of a loving woman but you fear rejection because you are used to getting your way and you already know she wont play your games or put up with your bullshit. You already know that she is the strength you want but fear and she is the love that you hunger for and she knows you are insecure and unsure and she knows you are love, life and breath all rolled into one.