I haven’t written anything today because I’ve been thinking all day about a dream I had last night. In my dream I am with a man, he is tall and thin but I cannot see his face but can feel my hand on his face and he has whiskers. He has a brilliant smile and he smells so good as I have never smelled the cologne is wearing before and he is thin and he has me in a corner and has his arms around me and is kissing me and burying his face in my neck.

He’s actually quite funny as he has a dry sense of humor that is hilarious and he is so affectionate as he make out in the corner but it is slow kisses as we touch each others face and neck. We walk hand in hand and we are talking as if we have known each other forever. It’s as if there are flashes of scenes of us doing things together and we are always being quite romantic or laughing and we are so comfortable with each 0ther.

After making out for a while standing up in the corner he takes my hand and leads me to sit down and we share dinner together and feed each other. It’s all so romantic and I felt as if I was actually engaging myself with him. He ends up telling me that he loves me and has for a very long time which totally floors me and actually scares the shit out of me because I realize I have the exact same feelings but Im to afraid to admit it.

I have sat back all day playing and replaying the dream in my mind and it scares me to think I could feel such depth for someone else and have them declare their feelings to be the same. The dream must either be warning me to be prepared for such a meeting or maybe it’s a way to remind me to protect my heart and move cautiously forward. Don’t know what the dream meant all I know is I slept really well for the first time in like forever.


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