Do You

Do you ever wish there was someone who could step into your shoes and take control of everything and you knew that they would handle things just as you would? Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up one day without a single care or worry? Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up with a warm body next to yours and all you had to do was to look out the window to know that the day ahead was going to be fun and filled with laughter?

Close your eyes and envision your hand running the length of my nakedness and how soft my skin is, become intoxicated in the back of my head, feel the softness of my full breasts and feel the smoothness of my mound. Now isn’t that a nice vision? It’s something you need and want so bad but are just to afraid to move forward as if you would be sadly disappointed or maybe you’re afraid that you will lose your heart and I would hurt you.

If you don’t take chances you can never score a goal and if you do not open your heart you will never experience the love that you want so desperately. You have built up fears that do not exist except in your head and you’re afraid to be let down, which of course you would not be. You are a silly man with a huge heart and so much to give to the right woman but you wont let yourself be with the woman you want so badly.


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