To Dance

When I was much much younger I used to go to the clubs and dance the night away with friends and there were two guys that were really good friends and great dancers. We would literally clear the floor as the audience would cheer us on, lol and it was so much fun. We went to clubs in the “D” and we got the same reaction from the crowds there as well and we had so many people asking us to dance with them and the drinks flowed and we shook our asses.

I havent danced in over twenty years because my husband didn’t like to dance or go out for that matter in fact he didn’t like to go anywhere or really do anything but cut grass and build shit. He didn’t have any formal training in building stuff so it was trial and error over and over until he got it right. He hated loud music and he hated listening to music at home because in his opinion it was to loud and he would always shut off the stereo.

When I filed for divorce he went through all of my old photos and memorabilia and he threw everything out like an immature fucking fool that he was at times. My husband and I had little in common but we cohabitated together without much fanfare and very little love if any. We liked each other as people but that was it as I look back and see there were very few things we had in common and Im surprised I stayed married as long as I did.

I wanted to do so much but he never did so I feel so damn cheated out of the years that were suppose to be happy and fulfilling. I think my husband’s second divorce really destroyed him in so many ways and financially it really knocked him for a loop and he acted like such a bastard during our divorce. He destroyed my memories and clothing and he felt I had tricked him when we were taking erotic photos.

I did everything I could to jazz up our sex life but he just wasn’t into anything more than the standard spread your legs let me fuck you and then fall asleep. I just happen to have a rather healthy attitutde towards sex and the importance of it in any relationship but not him, no I guess he felt as if getting his dick wet was his right to passage and my satisfaction didn’t matter. Now that he is gone there is no sex at all but Im going to change that this year, o yes I am!


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