Une touche spéciale

 To many people have lost or never had the art of touch and no I do not speak of just touching. The way you touch another person says volumes and if you want to bring full pleasure to someone you much touch then with a very light, lingering touch of the finger tips.

If you wish to bring a new sensation to someone touch them with fluttering finger tips as you go over their back, butt,calves and repeat slowly on the other side of ones body. The fluttering of the fingertips gives a very relaxing sensation to the person and the enjoyment is quite obvious.

When you use the sense of touch to take someone to another level you are giving them quite an experience. Unless you have experienced this relaxation technique then you have not experienced anything! I love to massage a man with my fingertips because it does give so much pleasure and can be quite arousing, so want to feel my fingertips?


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