Foreigner Odd

I have noticed that foreign men act very different from men in the U.S. as they are so much more romantic but they seem to laugh or giggle at so much. Foreign men seem to be a bit odd in that way but the one thing I really like is that they put family first and foremost.

Even when they get divorced they still take care of their families, American men also do that but there isn’t that closeness and it is sad. When foreign men are in love they seem to treat their mate as if they are on a pedestal and it’s all so damn hot to me. I so want that type of man in my life but wishing and hoping will never make it so.

There is never enough laughter or love in my life and I know the man who brings that back into my life will be my life long mate in time. The next man I am with will get all of me, not a piece or just the good but also the bad but I know he will accept me for who I am and make me feel special and we all need to be special now don’t we?


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