Let It Flow

One of the hardest things in the world is to open your heart to someone when you have been hurt so deeply in the past. It takes so much strength to expose yourself and allow yourself to be vulnerable once again. I’m really scared to allow anyone in as I am so afraid of being hurt.

Some women fall for a man who gives them expensive gifts and everything they want materially but for me that means nothing as love doesn’t have a price tag. I have dated wealthy and somewhat famous men but the connection was never there so I walked away from the situation.

I realize I am middle aged and a curvaceous woman and most men want younger and thinner women but that is because we are seduced by the vision our eyes drink in. When you get past the physical and look into the person’s soul you will either find what you really want and need or you don’t and yes it is that simple.

The man who chooses the younger and thinner women end up finding out that those woman do not hold the heart empire as they are looking for financial security and a father to their children. The older woman has earned her curves, raised their family and know what they want out of life without reservation.

As for myself my heart is pure and my spirituality is the best thing about me because I am a giving and loving woman who doesn’t need a man to care for her financially. I have almost raised my family and no I am not perfect and have made so many mistakes in my life but that can never take away from the person I am and Im good with that.


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