So Annoying

All of us have things that people do that annoy us and I really get annoyed when people say they are going to do something and they don’t. If you tell me you are going to call me you damn well better call or if you tell me you are going to pick me up or meet me at a certain time dammit be on time!

When people are running late and they don’t call to let me know then that shows disrespect as far as I am concerned. I have someone who said they were going to call me the next day and they didn’t, no text no nothing until today. I received a text from him today and my attitude is fuck it.

I do not wait for anyone and when you do not have follow thru then you do not sit well with me. I haven’t acknowledged his text and I have no plans of doing so. He says he has a crush on me and all he knows of me is my pictures and online communication or texting.

He called the other night and we only spoke for a few moments because I had taken a pain pill and had gone to bed. I go to bed around nine, yes an early bird I am as I get up at six to see my son off to school. He wanted to come and visit me next month but we have not had enough communication for me to feel comfortable meeting him.

I have no doubt I do a ton of shit that annoys others but hey take me or leave me and if you cannot tell me what I am doing to upset you then I cannot correct the situation. Im pretty easy going and not much really bothers me about other people but I am a stickler when it comes to follow thru.


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