What’s Really Important

People place different values on relationships and what they think is important and I am no different as I think there are certain things that make a healthy relationship. The first thing for me is trust because if you cannot trust your partner you have nothing that will stand the test of time.


Devotion is the second thing that is important to me because being devoted to someone you stand by them in the worse of times and you defend that person to the death. When your partner will not defend your honor and the person you are then once again there is not a good foundation.


It’s also important to be there for your partner in the most trying of times and you are willing to compromise to work out whatever difficulties the two of you may have. No one is always right and sometimes both people are wrong and have to be big enough to shut their mouth, take a step back and weigh the importance of the situation.

To give in is not to be defeated it shows that the love is more important than picking up your sox or arguing over silly things. It seems the smallest of things that upset the apple cart can get blown out of proportion and people get so stuck on being right that their stance destroys the relationship.

When in love I want to give that person everything I have to give and no I cannot afford to buy gifts but when I give of myself that in itself is a gift. When you can love, honor, defend, support and always be there for the one you love then you have a pretty solid foundation to build upon.


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