The Quiet

When we have sex most people are silent and let their bodies do the talking forgetting that men get really turned on by talking sexy in the bedroom. Men like to hear you tell them to fuck you, faster, o honey do me and so on as the words build excitement in the mind.

Men like to know that they have the tool that will give a woman pleasure and yes even women like to hear their partner talk dirty to them to. Words have more power than any man on this earth and talking sexy is quite powerful as we build on those words and that brings deeper pleasure.

Some women do not like to talk dirty or talk dirty to their partners during sex and that is because of what they have been taught as a child or their own adult hangups. I like talking dirty to my partner because I know the effect they have on my mate and how it makes them feel “powerful”.

Im not embarrassed or feel like my partner will frown upon my words because I know exactly what to say and when. The only word someone doesn’t want to hear from me is ouch because that means pain and no I don’t like my head leaving indents in the headboard!!!

To Have It All But….

S0 you are rich, rich, rich as you have a mansions, numerous expensive cars, maids, horses, private planes and no financial worries what so ever. You have been in the company of the pope as well as other famous people and you are always giving interviews and make yourself available for promotion.

You travel extensively, wear expensive clothes, eat at expensive restaurants and go wherever you when you want. You have extensive investments, make your own movies and have set up your son in the movie industry. You have given your family their hearts desire and yes you have provided nicely for them.

I know that all that can not fill your heart with the happiness and love you are so needy for so what do you do? You follow me, a poor woman who has worked hard in her own right and has dealt with more pain than you ever will. You have never lived in the real world but a world of make-believe and fantasy and lets not forget plastic.

Your wife had plastic surgery, which she did not fucking need and her eyes look like she had them done, why? She is a beautiful woman in her own right even though there are pics of her that make her look terrible. So what is your next move? Keep on living in an unhappy bubble and following me?

Does your ego blow up every time you read anything I havent written about you? You are sad and lonely by your own choice and yes you  could change that if you so chose to. You will never be happy as long as you stay where you are emotionally and no one can change that.

If you wanted to be with me you would and nothing would stop you but you have chosen not to and that is your biggest mistake. You can continue to fantasize about and dream about me but that will not comfort you when your world falls apart around you. You need to just stop following me, reading what I write and act like a “friend” online, just stop please.

Have Mercy

When you are aware that someone has feelings for you and you do nothing, absolutely nothing to discourage that person then you are being very selfish. When you keep contact with that person online under different aliases just so you can continue to chat with that person then you need to step back.

Did it ever occur to you that you are keeping that person from seeking a relationship elsewhere? Are you aware that you are always on their mind giving them hope that one day you two would meet and possibly have something together? Are you so damn selfish that what little you get out of contacting that person is hurting them?

If you find yourself in total infatuation then you need to ask yourself some serious questions like what am I going to do about this? Do I have enough love for this person that you would stop all communication so the person can move on? If you can’t or wont be with that person then you should exit from their life.

If you are not happy in your current situation then you need to change it and go after what really makes you or walk away from someone who could make you very happy. You must let go and let the other person find their happiness, which does not include you so please leave my life and let me breath once again.


My heart is split and falling apart, my mind drifts off into a solemn place that once was comforting and controlling yet so peaceful and full. Remembering a happier time a happier place but so far gone and never to be replaced. It is time to feed the hunger within as  I fall apart.

You cannot control what your mind thinks or who your heart feels for and yes I am a prisoner of what now owns me. Letting go, giving up, floating above and looking down I feel like such a clown without a smile without bringing laughter just a clown wearing a frown.

I do not understand why my life is as it is I have no direction, I have no comfort only pain takes hold and shapes my heart. How does one move on from such loss, pain how does the heart mend even though it will never be the same? Bring me a smile, a warm hug, simple love a simple life.


So many do not realize the power of the internet to expose everything that is posted and yes you can find out so much about people. When I got hooked on the net I knew whatever I posted could come back to haunt me so I never used my real name when I decided to post.

There is very little on the net about the real me and Im glad I had the insight not to use my real name. People will creep on you and potential employers can use against you the things that you post. People you meet can run a check on you and all of your indiscretions become information that is used against you.

I belong to quite a few sites and when I get involved with someone, when I have a solid relationship I will delete my profiles from the sites as I will no longer need them for cheap entertainment. I will no longer need to chat with other men or try to find someone who compliments me.

When I do delete all the profiles it will be proof positive to my mate that I am totally committed to them. Some people think that I am not controllable but who the fuck really wants to control another? I mean really we may  not like everything about someone else but do we really want that person to do all that we say?

If I am doing something that upsets you then all you have to do is talk to me about it and the situation will be changed to make both of us happy. Yes, I am one that can be stubborn at times but my relationships mean more to me than being right or doing something that would upset my partner.