My heart is split and falling apart, my mind drifts off into a solemn place that once was comforting and controlling yet so peaceful and full. Remembering a happier time a happier place but so far gone and never to be replaced. It is time to feed the hunger within as  I fall apart.

You cannot control what your mind thinks or who your heart feels for and yes I am a prisoner of what now owns me. Letting go, giving up, floating above and looking down I feel like such a clown without a smile without bringing laughter just a clown wearing a frown.

I do not understand why my life is as it is I have no direction, I have no comfort only pain takes hold and shapes my heart. How does one move on from such loss, pain how does the heart mend even though it will never be the same? Bring me a smile, a warm hug, simple love a simple life.


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