My best friend is married and the only time I can talk to her or do things with her is when her husband is working. He doesn’t like when her friends call when he is home because he wants her full attention. We can never do anything either when he is home from work.

Why do people let themselves become controlled like puppets by their mates? Why can’t two people be together and have friends and do things with their friends when their significant other is home? It’s not healthy to be in this type of relationship because what happens is the friends stop calling or trying to spend time with you.

Bob always felt left out when I spent time with my friends and he even told me once that I was away from the house to much. He wanted to be the center of my world, my attention constantly. When he died my friendships dwindled as I became a threat to my married friends.

When you become single again friendships change drastically and you are a third wheel and a threat. Your friends have already chosen sides during a divorce and you lose those friendships over the life of the divorce. Why do people feel they have to choose?

I never wanted any of our friends to have to choose sides but they did regardless and it wasn’t fair to me. We had a friend Judy who worked for Bob at the mill and we were friends until the divorce. Judy chose Bob’s side and pretended to continue to be my friend when she stabbed me in the back and told Bob everything I was doing.

She borrowed a considerable amount of money from Bob and never paid him back, she totaled his car and stole money from him when he was in the hospital. Bob made her promises he couldn’t keep giving her the idea that she was going to move into my home when the divorce was over and help Bob with the kids.

A month before he died she called him in the hospital and he told her he was coming home with me. I could hear her calling him every name in the book and she was screaming and yelling at him. I do not know if she knew he was dieing but the piece of shit that she is treated him terribly.

Once Bob died I found out how much that bitch stabbed me in the back and all she was after was living in my home and latching onto my kids social security. The bitch actually told me she had every right to take control of my family because Bob and I had put her in our will to care for our kids if we died at the same time.

She didn’t come to the funeral because she knew I would kick her ass for what she had done and she even stole personal posessions which belonged to my kids. Once again, money was the driving force behind her actions as she spent her money on getting her weave done and fake finger nails along with driving a cadillac.

Women can be such cunts and yes they will stab each other in the back to get a man as most women want what they can get out of a man. Bob would never have had a physical relationship with her because he wasn’t capable and because she was black and he would never subject my kids to a multi racial relationship.

The bitch thought she had Bob under her thumb  but the truth is most people going through a divorce will get back together if the situation is right. Bob didn’t want to die alone and in the hospital and I could never do that to him anyway because Im not that type of person.


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