Im no brainiac but Im no mental light weight either and I need stimulating conversation to keep me from being bored to tears. I have found some very good people online that give me the mental stimulation I require but to be frank, most of the conversations online are boring.

So many people are looking for sex online and that is what the conversations are limited to. When you are online you can let your guard down and say pretty much whatever your heart desires. People don’t realize that these conversations are generally quite shallow and boring at best.

The most intelligent person I have ever known was my dad, his IQ was off the charts and we always had the best conversations about anything and everything. I didn’t get to know my dad until after I had children which put me close to the age of forty. I didn’t get the opportunity to be with my dad as most people do and I miss him terribly.

Our parents have the key to our past and where we came from and they are the only ones with so many answers that we need. My dad taught me so many things in a short time and I was very lucky to have had him even though it was a short time. My mother gave new meaning to an abusive parent and yes I did learn a lot from her, mainly what I didn’t want in my life.

I believe in taking care of our elders but my mother is verbally abusive even though she has had two major strokes. I do not have the ability to care for her physically or mentally so it is best she stays where she is. My mother actually called me this year to wish me a happy birthday even though it wasn’t on my birthday.

It’s sad to talk to her as she has to take time to think about every word she speaks and she gets lost in thought so much of the time. I do not wish her ill will but I cannot be her whipping post and I cannot take care of her. It’s amazing how conversations can be so stimulating but also so painful.

I really miss good conversations and I have come to detest boring conversations online. In fact, I have been ignoring people who contact me online because I already know that the conversation will be total superficial and boring as hell. It’s not that I think Im more intelligent than others its just that I need some mental stimulation.


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